Tried this place out...and WOW.

I know that New Orleans is kind of lacking in the BBQ department but this place doesn’t disappoint. The brisket was delicious and I love that they ask you how lean or fatty you want your brisket to be. The smoked sausage was honestly one of the highlights from the meal. – Joshua B., Yelp

OMG! This is my favorite spot.

The BBQ is so awesome. Arrive early before it’s all sold out. The chicken is so juicy and tasty. You can’t beat 50 cent wings and $5 drinks. Ooooohhh please try the housemade pickles! You will not be disappointed at Central City BBQ! THEBOMBDOTCOM – Ashley T., Yelp

A great place and one we will visit frequently.

I’m a huge fan of the brisket and burned ends, along with the sausage.  Sides:  the sweet cornbread and potato salad are delish!  Now that there’s a bar, we tried the satsuma old fashioned and the Kim chi Bloody Mary, which were both great twists on the originals.  – Kelly T., Yelp

The BBQ is marinated so good!

They give you a generous amount of meat (pic doesn’t show justice) believe me I had to go see it for myself. It was MORE than enough for two people. Can’t wait to come back. We got the brisket , Cajun fries & cornbread spoon. – Amy V., Yelp