What To Eat With Barbecue Chicken at Central City BBQ

When you think of BBQ in New Orleans, visions of spicy, smoky flavors and tender meats are sure to come to mind. Central City BBQ stands out as a beacon of barbecue excellence, with its carefully crafted menu that celebrates both tradition and innovation. Among the favorites is the classic barbecue chicken, a dish that marries juiciness and a mouth-watering char with a tang of smoky barbecue sauce. But the delight doesn’t end there; the perfect meal includes pairing this staple with sides that enhance and complement its rich flavors.

Traditional Sides with a New Orleans Twist

Barbecue chicken is versatile, pairing wonderfully with a variety of sides that cater to every palate. At Central City BBQ, a landmark for barbecue in New Orleans, we recommend starting with something starchy. Our Sweet Corn Spoonbread is a standout choice, offering a sweet and soft texture that contrasts beautifully with the smoky notes of the chicken.

For those looking for lighter options, our Crispy Brussels Sprouts add a crunchy, healthy side to your plate, while the Cole Slaw provides a tangy freshness that cleanses the palate, making every bite of chicken as delightful as the first. These sides not only balance the flavors but also reflect the vibrant culinary scene of bbq in New Orleans.

Savoring the Sides

Every bite of barbecue chicken at Central City BBQ, a staple of BBQ in New Orleans, calls for the perfect sidekick to elevate your dining experience. For a truly New Orleans-style feast, consider our Jambalaya, a robust and flavorful dish that combines well-seasoned rice with savory meats and vegetables. It’s a hearty complement that stands up to the bold flavors of our barbecue chicken wings. Another local favorite is our Fries, seasoned to perfection and ideal for those who prefer a classic side that’s both crispy and delicious. These sides not only add variety to your meal but also soak up the rich, flavorful sauces that our barbecue chicken is renowned for, ensuring a memorable and satisfying culinary journey right here in the heart of New Orleans.

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A Bite of Green

No BBQ plate is complete without a touch of green. Our Pit House Beans, while not green in color, are seasoned with a hearty mix of spices that enhance your barbecue experience. These beans are a perfect complement to any dish, adding depth and warmth to your meal with their rich, savory flavors. For a true Southern touch, opt for the Romaine and Tomato Salad garnished with red onions and house croutons. It’s simple yet refreshing, making it an excellent counterpoint to the rich, smoky flavors of barbecue chicken.

Culinary Delights to Complete Your Meal

To end your meal on a sweet note, the Banana Pudding Bread Pudding at Central City BBQ is a must-try. This dessert merges traditional Southern comfort with the unique flair of New Orleans, providing a creamy, dreamy finish to a hearty meal.

Join Us at Central City BBQ

At Central City BBQ in New Orleans, we pride ourselves on serving dishes that are deeply rooted in the local BBQ tradition yet adventurous enough to offer something unique for everyone. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, our doors are open to give you a taste of true New Orleans hospitality and culinary expertise. Come down and experience how our barbecue chicken and its perfect pairings can turn any meal into a celebration of flavors.